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KU Band HD DSNG dual path Left Hand Drive

  • Ref Number:
  • Model:
    Vito 2.2CDI
  • Make:
  • Age:
  • Unit Price:
  • System Description:
    Draft Specification - Pictures to follow

    SNG Dish size is 1.2 m ERA dish Hopkirk RM120

    2 x Xicom TWTA 200w amplifiers with controller.
    2 x ADTECH HD coder L band DVB /DVB S2/ MPEG 4/ MPEG 2/ HD /SD/ 4:2:2/4:2:0
    1x Fujitsu 9500 encoder L band DVB/DVB S2/MPEG 4/ HD /SD/4:2:2/4:2:0
    Built in Block upcon on amplifiers/ built in modulator on coders.
    2 x Alteia IRDS (1x BISS) 1x RAS Analogue and SD.
    16 x 16 Black magic HD router with embedded audio.
    8 x 8 SD and analogue audio router.
    1 X Makie Audio mixer 16 channel.
    1 x Black magic HD vision mixer with audio de-embedder and re-embedder 4 HD I/P with SD option.
    4 x HD audio de-embedders for live positions.
    4 x 300m HD video drums.
    Misc audio and power.
    Inbuilt inverter with UPS.
    240 v outlet.
    HD monitoring and measurement
    Harris HD/SD signal generator.
    IFB kit and camera comms with 4 wire box.
    Glensound Cellular IFB system with active UK sim cards.
  • Weight:
    under 3.5 tonnes
  • Engine/Gearbox:
    Manual LHD 2.2 CDI
  • Power System:
    UPS/Engine supplied and Honda Gene
  • Air Conditioning:
  • Production:
    Can take 4 HD cameras Black magic mixer can be used for small OB
  • Audio System:
    Radio IFB
  • Viewing Arrangments:
    Vehicle is based in UK. Viewing via Onvision