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HD Vision mixer with Audio

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    • RouteCase® is an affordable and portable live production studio which packs enormous power to its punch. Not only have we designed and built it, but we've used it ourselves to produce a range of programmes. This means we've been able to adapt and modify it to be the best system on the market.
      Self-contained, compact and affordable, this HD portable ‘studio in a box’ is a powerful content creation tool for live event programming. It provides a live mixing environment with fully synchronous mixing between all 4 HD/SDI inputs plus a DVI-D input. In addition to its background transition capabilities, RouteCase also incorporates mix, cut and wipe functions.
      The integrated professional, 10 channel audio mixer features automatic embedded audio switching. SIS LIVE's RouteCase 4D, a 4 channel SDI audio embedder / de-embedder is also available - ( option )
      Key features:
    • 4 x HD/SDI inputs
    • DVI-D input
    • Background transition capabilities plus mix, cut and wipe functions
    • Integrated 10 channel audio mixer with automatic embedded switching
    • 4 channel SDI audio embedder / de-embedder sold separately
    • 15” LCD display
    • Intuitive control surface
    • Measures just 410 (W) x 100 (H) x 300 (D) (mm)
    • Weighs 4.8kg (10.6lbs)
    • Easily carried by hand
    • RouteCase enables live video switching and audio mixing with a high quality 15” LCD display for producing live broadcast events. Character generation software and other graphics can be added to your live production via a computer through the DVI-D input. RouteCase makes live event programming as simple as possible because Routecase requires very little or no technical knowledge of switcher and mixer setup and operations, due to its extremely intuitive control surface and large LCD display.
      Measuring just 410 x 100 x 300 (mm) and weighing in at 4.8kg (10.6lbs), RouteCase is extremely portable, can be used in any location and easily carried by hand. 
      Ideally suited for live operations such as satellite newsgathering, outside broadcasts, conferences, studios, sporting events and live content creation.